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2021 Athletes of the Year


Collegiate Running Association Announces 2021 Athletes of the Year


(Richmond, VA) Zoe Matherne (PSU-Dickinson Law) and Colin Cannon (George Mason University) have been named the 2021 Collegiate Running Association Athletes of the Year.

2021 Female Athlete of the Year – Zoe Matherne

Zoe Matherne has been named the winner of the Collegiate Running Association’s Athlete of the Year Award after winning the 2021 Collegiate Road Mile National Championships in Winchester, Virginia. The PSU-Dickinson Law School student kicked for the win. Read about her win here.

2021 Male Athlete of the Year – Colin Cannon

Colin Cannon is the Collegiate Running Association’s Male Athlete of the Year. The George Mason University standout won the 2021 Collegiate Road Mile National Championship, hosted by the Loudoun Street Mile, in dramatic fashion. Read more about his win here.

Collegiate Running Association Athletes of the Year

2021-   Zoe Matherne (PSU-Dickinson Law)

             Colin Cannon (George Mason University)

2020-   Keira D'Amato (University of Michigan, MI)

             Daniel Jaskowak (Virginia Tech, VA)


2019-   Bethany Sachtleben (Northern Virginia College, VA)

             Daniel Jaskowak (Virginia Tech, VA)

2018-   Bethany Sachtleben (Northern Virginia College, VA)

             Matthew McDonald (Georgia Tech, GA)

2017-   Corey Dowe (University of New England, NH)

             Patrick Smyth (University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI)


2016-   Bethany Sachtleben (Northern Virginia College, VA)

             Hayden Hawks (Southern Utah University, UT)


2015-   Kellyn Taylor (Coconino College, AZ)

             Joseph Gray (Calvary Bible College, CO)


2014-   Megan Deakins Roche (Stanford University, CA)

             Tyler McCandless (Penn State University, PA)

The Collegiate Running Association (CRA) is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded November, 2013 with a mission to promote healthy lifestyles among college students by providing and expanding opportunities in the sport of running. The vision of the CRA is to offer national championship events in road, mountain, and trail running with prize money specifically reserved for college students enrolled in at least one class. Membership is open to the public (click here).


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