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Who is eligible to compete in the Collegiate Running Association’s national championship races?


Any Collegiate Running Association member that is currently enrolled in at least one US college course is eligible to compete in national championship races. Additionally, any US citizen taking a class abroad is also eligible. Each of the races that we partner with will have a separate listing of results for Collegiate Running Association members.


What are the college course requirements for eligibility in national championship races?


The requirement is very simple: If you take any college course in the US or abroad (if a US citizen) regardless of level (undergraduate, graduate, medical school, law school, etc.), status (on-line, part-time or full-time) or degree status (degree seeking or non-degree seeking), you are eligible to compete. Students without US citizenship that are taking a class in the US are also eligible to compete. You can be an undergraduate student on your way to a degree at a four-year institution or you can be a master’s runner returning to school to take one class and everything between. The Collegiate Running Association national championships are ALL-ENCOMPASSING for collegiate students.


*The only exception is that each participant must have a high school diploma; a high school student taking a summer college course for credit is not eligible.


Is there an age limit for participating in national championship races?


The Collegiate Running Association’s national championship races are open to all ages so long as a high school diploma has been achieved. High school students and younger may not participate, even if they are taking a college course for credit.


What proof is required to verify enrollment in a college course?


The Collegiate Running Association expects all members racing in a national championship to be able to produce proof of enrollment upon request at any time. Proof includes a bill for tuition, an official transcript showing work in progress, or a letter from the registrar’s office.


What are the eligibility rules regarding national championship races held during the non-traditional academic year (summer or winter races)?


In order to be eligible to receive prize money and earn recognition at a Collegiate Running Association National Championship event, you must be enrolled in a class as follows:


Collegiate Running Association races held between January 1 and August 31: you must be enrolled in a course at the time of the event OR you must have completed a college course between January 1 and the date of the event.


Collegiate Running Association races held between September 1 and December 31: you must be enrolled in a course at the time of the event OR you must have completed a college course between September 1 and the date of the event.


The Collegiate Running Association believes in fair competition and follows the World Athletics Council's eligibility regulations for transgender and DSD athletes to compete in the female category. World Athletics is the world governing body for track & field, road racing, cross country and associated disciplines.




Who can win prize money or other awards at national championship races?


Prize money and other awards will be based off of performance at the Collegiate Running Association’s national championship events and are available to all eligible participants, including those with NCAA Division I eligibility (D2 and D3 rules differ). See the 2013 Division I legislation change regarding prize money at the bottom of this document.


Collegiate Running Association members must be entered into the Collegiate Championships Division prior to the start of the event (Members cannot enter the Collegiate Championship Division after the event has started or finished.).

All Collegiate Running Association members with remaining NCAA eligibility are expected to know the rules within their division for accepting prize money and awards. Please see your compliance office to find out more about the new rule changes.


What is the process for awarding prize money and other awards at national championship races?


All prize money winners will need to provide proof of current enrollment in a college course before prize money is distributed. There will be no exceptions to this rule.


Will the Collegiate Running Association verify the acceptable amount of prize money to be awarded to currently eligible NCAA student-athletes?


The Collegiate Running Association will not ask for receipts showing actual and necessary expenses. It is the responsibility of the participant to request the actual amount that he/she can accept at a given national championship race. The Collegiate Running Association recommends setting an appointment with your compliance office to confirm the acceptable amount of money to be awarded.


How long will it take for prize money to be awarded after a national championship race?


As soon as proof of enrollment is shown and verified, a check will be mailed.


How are current NCAA Division I athletes allowed to accept prize money from the Collegiate Running Association at national championship events?


A new set of NCAA rules, effective 8/1/2013, allow current Division I athletes in individual sports (such as Cross Country and Track & Field) to accept prize money based on performance, in an amount up to actual and necessary expenses for the calendar year (January-December).


Article of the NCAA Division I Manual states:

            “Exception for Prize Money Based on Performance – Sports Other Than Tennis. In sports other than tennis, an individual may accept prize money based on his or her place finish or performance in an athletics event. Such prize money may not exceed actual and necessary expenses and may be provided only by the sponsor of the event. The calculation of actual and necessary expenses shall not include the expenses or fees of anyone other than the individual.”


Article 12.02.3 gives an understanding on how to calculate the actual and necessary expenses.

            “Calculation of Actual and Necessary Expenses – Individual Sports. In individual sports, the calculation of an individual’s actual and necessary expenses shall be based on expenses incurred during each calendar year (January-December), rather than on an event-by-event basis.”


Article 12.02.2 states permissible expenses:

            “Actual and Necessary Expenses. Actual and necessary expenses are limited to:

  1. Meals;

  2. Lodging;

  3. Apparel, equipment and supplies;

  4. Coaching and instruction;

  5. Health/medical insurance;

  6. Transportation;

  7. Medical treatment and physical therapy;

  8. Facility usage;

  9. Entry fees; and

  10. Other reasonable expenses


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