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12/31/2021: 2022 Collegiate National Championships Page

12/24/2021Collegiate Trail Running National Championships Return to Athens, Ohio

12/23/20212022 Collegiate Snowshoe National Championships Announced 

12/5/2021D'Amato Dominates, Mantz Impresses at the USATF Half Marathon Championships

12/4/2021Richmond Region to Host USA Track & Field Cross Country Championships in 2023 and 2024 

6/15/2021: Pole Green Park Cross Country Course Page site of the 2023 & 2024 USATF National Cross Country Championships


5/31/2021: RESULTS, RECAP & VIDEO| 2021 Collegiate Road Mile National Championships - Winchester, VA

5/31/2021: 2021 Collegiate Road Mile Championships/Loudoun Street Mile RESULTS

5/30/2021: Race Preview- Collegiate Road Mile Championships Set

5/28/2021: Loudoun Street Mile Returns to Memorial Day

5/12/2021: Job Opening | Coordinator, Long Distance Running Events - USA Track & Field (Indianapolis · IN)

5/12/2021: Trail Running Has a Harassment Problem. These Women Are Here to Stop It.


5/11/2021:  RRCA Roads Scholar Program Application Deadline set-September 15, 2021

5/11/2021: CRA Co-Founder Steve Taylor Earned 2021 MVP Sports Tourism Award

5/11/2021: RRCA Accepting Applications for 2021 RunPro Camp

5/10/2021: Meet the Thick Boys Running Club—These Runners Have Lost a Combined 350 Pounds and Counting

5/10/2021: Should You Ice Your Injury or use heat?

5/09/2021: COVID-19 restrictions for Tokyo Olympics shouldn't apply to female athletes' infants, toddlers

5/09/2021: New mom runs 15:45 5K, 4:42 mile just months after birth of first child

5/07/2021: Co-Founder Steve Taylor Receives 2021 MVP Sports Tourism Award


5/05/2021: Update on 2021 Collegiate National Championships and COVID-19 


5/04/2021Featured Trail Town – North Lake Tahoe


5/03/2021: Fitness tips for dedicated runners

5/02/2021: Endurance Athletes Have an Increased Risk for Iron Deficiency

5/02/2021: Here's What To Know About Recycling Your Running Shoes

5/01/2021: These pressure-sensing insoles are a great diagnostic tool for leveling up training or addressing painful running woes. 

5/01/2021: New CDC Guidelines Say You Don’t Have to Wear a Mask When Running Outdoors

5/01/2021: The Latest, Best, and Most Scientific Hydration Strategies for Runners

4/29/2021Featured Trail Town – Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania


4/29/20212022 IAU 100km World Championship – Team USA Selection & Qualifiers


4/28/20212021 WMRA International U18 Mountain Running Cup is Cancelled


4/27/2021: How COVID-19 has changed the Face of Running

4/24/2021: ATRA Member Spartan Trail US Championship Coming to Fayetteville

4/24/2021: 4 Supplements That Effectively Boost Your Running Endurance

4/24/2021:  None of us would dispute that running makes us happy. But it's also clear that it's not a panacea

4/24/2021: CRA AYO, Keira D'Amato is a must-follow athlete for Strava entertainment

4/24/2021: Alligator interrupts Florida high school track practice

4/24/2021: Earth Day 2021: athletes and brands that are making a difference

4/23/2021: Five things to consider when shopping for new running gear

4/22/2021: Performance-enhancing probiotics: A new frontier for running performance?

4/22/2021: Will There be Local Spectators at the Tokyo Olympics?

4/22/2021: How to relieve running leg cramps quickly

4/22/2021: How Running Can Boost Your Immune System

4/21/2021: A conversation with Keira D’Amato (11/20)


4/20/2021: History of the U.S. Mountain Running Team – 1985 to 2020

4/20/2021: Irish former track and field athlete Sonia O’Sullivan will take Nike coaching role based in Portland, Oregon

4/19/2021: Athing Mu Shatters the Collegiate Record in the 800 Meters

4/19/2021: Athing Mu ran 1:57.73 to Crush NCAA 800m Record

4/19/2021: Adidas and Boston athletic asocciation extend official sponsorship through 2030

4/19/2021: Training Guidelines After COVID-19 Vaccine Doses

4/17/2021: New Hampshire track coach fired after penning anti-mask letter

4/15/2021: The most common running injuries every new runner should know about and how to avoid them

4/13/2021: Des Linden smashes the world record for 50k in her first ultra marathon

4/13/2021: Skyrunning World Championships Gear Up For Re-Start

4/12/2021: If running is part of your weight-loss strategy, What’s Better Running Far or Running Fast?

4/12/2021: How to run efficiently on concrete, sand, dirt or trail

4/12/2021: Spartan Trail World Championship Continues at Argentina’s Patagonia Run

4/12/2021: Volunteers Lead Restoration Effort In Wilderness Areas Affected by Cameron Peak Fire

4/10/2021: Update on 2021 Collegiate National Championships and COVID-19


4/06/2021: WMRA Launches Global Mountain Running Ranking For Athletes

4/05/2021: The importance of hydration during your runs

4/04/2021: The science behind the runner's high

3/29/2021: How to boost your immune system

3/29/2021: Running “together” no longer has to mean running with others in-person.

3/29/2021: US Trail Running Conference Webinar Provides Actionable Steps to Grow Trail Communities 

3/28/2021: Have You Ever Felt Guilty for Missing a Workout? If So, You’re Not Alone

3/28/2021: Gu Is Developing a ‘Cooling’ Energy Gel for Those Hot Summer Runs

3/28/2021: University of Oregon seniors facing virtual graduation frustrated by Olympic Trials, track plans


3/27/2021: How to prepare your body for a workout

3/27/2021: Could Running Stairs Be the Secret to More Speed and Power?

3/26/2021: Differences between running on grass and running on concrete

3/25/2021: The most effective ways to burn fat while running

3/23/2021: How to increase your running stamina

3/22/2021: How CRA member Samantha Palmer balances elite running and elite coaching

3/22/2021: Featured Trail Town – Monterey, California

3/21/2021: Will There Be Fans at the Hayward Field Olympic Trials? After 2020, holding the event at all will be a victory in itself

3/20/2021: Elite Field Ready for 2021 Golden Trail World Series

3/20/2021: Emily Sisson and Clayton Young winners at Gate River Run

3/20/2021: 7 things not to do on a run

3/17/2021: Running improves your brain function

3/17/2021: USA Track & Field Spotlights ATRA Founder Nancy Hobbs

3/16/2021: The 44th annual Gate River Run will take place this weekend with little changes prompted by coronavirus pandemic

3/16/2021: Four smart ways structuring your routine can Increase focus

3/15/2021: Social media is changing track and field for the better

3/15/2021: The Long Run Prepares Your Body to Run More Efficiently No Matter the Distance

3/15/2021: There’s a New Running Team, Angel City Elite, and It Wants to Increase BIPOC Representation in the Sport

3/13/2021: Lifestyle changes that will help you lose weight

3/12/2021: The Best Ways To Stay Healthy And Fit Even If You Are Very Busy

3/11/2021: Tips to Make a Strong Comeback to Running After an Injury

3/09/2021: Coyotes have been attacking runners in Vancouver

3/07/2021: A Year After Ahmaud Arbery’s Death, Thousands of Miles Are Run in His Name

3/07/2021: is the new Netflix for running videos

3/06/2021: 5 benefits of running with a dog

3/03/2021: Paul Chelimo is chasing the American indoor 5,000m record this Thursday

3/02/2021: Eating healthy breakfasts for weight loss

3/01/2021: Athing Mu Runs 1:58.40 breaking NCAA & World U20 Records at 800 Meters

3/01/2021: How you can run in extreme weather conditions

3/01/2021: Olympian Molly Seidel wins Atlanta Half Marathon

3/01/2021: ATRA Announces Their New Video Series: The Ridgeline

2/28/2021: USATF flips order of 5k/10ks at Olympic Trials. Why did they do this and who is it benefitting?

2/24/2021: WIRED's 8 Favorite Pairs of Trail Running Shoes

2/24/2021: Running has positive effects on muscle and bone health

2/24/2021: The history of black running in America

2/23/2021: Snowshoe Racing: The Frigus Snowshoe Race

2/23/2021: Natural energy boosters that you can add to your daily routine

2/22/2021: Gnar Gnar to host 2021 USATF Mountain Running Championships

2/21/2021: Molly Seidel Racing A Special Edition Of The Atlanta Half-Marathon On The Atlanta Motor Speedway February 28

2/21/2021: Elise Cranny (30:47) & Marc Scott (27:10) Win The TEN in California, Lead 10 Athletes Under Olympic Standard


2/21/2021: 2021 IAU 50 Kilometer World Championship – Team USA Selection

2/21/2021: 2021 IAU 24 Hour World Championship – Team USA Selection

2/20/2021: This new spike technology has a place in sport, provided everyone has reasonable access

2/20/2021: High school 3,000m record-holder Katelyn Tuohy will make her collegiate debut this weekend

2/20/2021: Spartan Trail & Pacific Coast Trail Runs to host Golden Gate Trail Classic

2/18/2021: What’s The Buzz On Vert?

2/18/2021: ATRA Member Salomon Announces North American Golden Trail National Series

2/17/2021: Saratoga Winterfest Snowshoe Race actually features…Snow!

2/17/2021: U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials winner Aliphine Tuliamuk will be the first elite female athlete to receive financial assistance as she recovers from childbirth and trains for the 2021 Olympics

2/15/2021: Nicholas Turco Making Strides for LGBTQ Inclusion in Trail Running

2/14/2021:  Alternative therapies for runners: do they work?

2/14/2021: Did You Come Up With the Best Idea Ever on the Run? Brooks Wants to Help Make It Come True

2/14/2021: 14:43! Chepkoech breaks world 5km record in Monaco

2/14/2021: Three American Records and 10 National Records Fall at the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix

2/13/2021: Glutamine has become more popular among runners, but does it actually provide any benefit?

2/13/2021: University of Oregon student Cooper Teare clocks 3:50.39 mile in Fayetteville

2/13/2021: The Effects That Two Weeks of Detraining Can Have on Your Body

2/13/2021: How To Go All-In On Winter Training

2/11/2021: CRA AOY Keira D’Amato has signed her first professional contract with Nike

2/10/2021: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Webinar to be hosted by US Trail Running Conference

2/02/2021: Four Recovery Nutrition Mistakes Runners Make

2/06/2021: Ted Metellus has been named race director of TCS New York City Marathon

2/06/2021: Eddie Izzard Completes 32 Marathons in 31 Days—All on a Treadmill!—to Raise Money for Charity

2/06/2021: Miley Cyrus Prep Her Powerful Vocals for Her Super Bowl Pregame Show Performance With Treadmill Intervals

2/06/2021: Man runs barefoot half marathon in the snow to break Guinness record

2/06/2021: Morning vs. evening runs: which are better?

2/06/2021: Why Runners Should Treat Winter as a Training Tool

2/05/2021Update to Pole Green Park Cross Country Course Page 

2/05/2021: What and when should you eat before, during and after your runs?

2/02/2021: USATF Mountain, Ultra, Trail Council Announces 2021 National Championships

2/01/2021: Collegiate Running Association Announces 2020 Athletes of the Year-Keira D'Amato and Daniel Jaskowak

2/01/2021: 2021 World Mountain & Trail Running Championship – Team USA Selection

2/01/2021: 60th Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race Coming June 19-20

2/02/2021: Ukrop Monument Avenue 10k date has been moved to June

1/31/2021: Getting off on the right foot on snowshoes

1/31/2021: There’s a running boom in Chicago, pandemic leads more people to lace up

1/30/2021: NCAA May Not Accept Christian Noble’s 13:37 Division II 5K Record Due to Pacing Lights

1/30/2021: 2021 Barkley Marathons are still on

1/30/2021: Trail running along the Great Wall of China

1/29/2021: Why every athlete should sleep 8 hours as priority

1/29/2021: The Run Show USA: A New Running Expo Coming In 2022

1/29/201: 2021 Pittsburgh Marathon has been cancelled due to the pandemic

1/26/2021: US Trail Running Conference Debut Webinar A Success

1/26/2021: Sheldon Subith: Bringing More Native Americans to Trail Running

1/25/2021: Snowshoe Racing: A Classic Adirondack Experience in Saranac New York

1/25/2021: Cancellation of Olympics in 2021 Would Result in Estimated $43.5 Billion Loss

1/24/2021: Why And How To Run Strides To Improve Speed On The Trails

1/24/2021: Here’s the Story Behind the New Wooden Sculpture of a Runner on Heartbreak Hill

1/23/2021: CRA AOY, Hayden Hawks Going for 100-km World Record at Project Carbon X 2 in Arizona

1/23/2021: Are you experiencing a COVID-related injury?

1/20/2021: ACJ Peachtree Road Race Planned As Two Day, In-Person Event for 2021

1/19/2021: CRA AOY, Joseph Gray will be inducted into the Colorado Running Half of Fame

1/17/2021: How To Come Back After A Break

1/17/2021: Process Goals Are The Keys To Performance

1/17/2021: The science behind the runner’s high

1/16/2021: ‘Breaking Bad’ star Bryan Cranston talks running in podcast interview

1/15/2021: Grandma's Marathon organizers are gearing up for races this June, but the event will be capped at 10,000 participants

1/15/2021: Asics The New Title Sponsor of Falmouth Road Race

1/15/2021: If You've Just Had Covid, Exercise Might Not Be Good for You

1/13/2021: Teenager Briston Rains Founds Texas Outlaw Running Company


1/10/2021: Update on 2021 Collegiate National Championships and COVID-19 

1/08/2021: Former CRA AOY, Joseph Gray and Coree Woltering to be Honored by Pacific Northwest Runners

1/08/2021: 2021 Spartan Trail World Championship Announced

1/06/2021: A New ATRA Brand for Our Next 25 Years of Trail Running

1/06/2021: US Trail Running Conference Launches Webinar Series


1/5/2021: The Most Diabolical Race and the Rise of Women Endurance Stars

1/5/2021: Robots Are Stringing Together These Adidas Running Shoes

1/05/2021: Fast Women’s guide to the best women’s running books


1/03/2021: Article-Running Is Hard. Here’s How I Fell in Love With Discomfort

1/01/2021Opportunities for Collegiate Trail Running Are Growing

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