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Bringing today’s business world together with tomorrow’s business leaders


Call it a social, call it networking, call it a party… or call it a social networking party! ConnectCRA is an initiative to provide college students with an opportunity to meet and network with local business professionals and other college students from across the country during each of the Collegiate Running Association’s national championship event weekends.


ConnectCRA events will be free and open to any college student participating in each national championship event.   


ConnectCRA will provide a wonderful opportunity for college students to learn more about each city that hosts a national championship event while meeting with some of each area’s top business professionals in a casual atmosphere that will include food, drink, and music. Additionally, meet and network with college students from across the country.


Why attend ConnectCRA events?


  • CRA national championship events are held in cities that attract and appeal to recent college graduates. Learn what each city has to offer – both professionally and socially - as you plan your next move


  • Meet and network with professionals and leaders in a variety of fields. Some cities may have exactly what you are looking for, and you may be exactly what some cities are looking for!


  • Meet and network with other college students from across the country with similar interests


  • Use ConnectCRA to become more comfortable stepping outside of your usual circle to meet other people you share common ground with


  • Gain advice, information, and strategies from professionals and other students that may help you down the road


  • Enjoy an experience unique to CRA race weekends – it’s more than just a race!  


  • Did we mention it’s free and a valuable experience!


Rather than travel, sit in a hotel room, race, and leave town; make the most out of your time at a CRA national championship event. ConnectCRA events are meant to be casual, fun, and beneficial to all of the student athletes competing at a given championship.

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