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Trippett (Richmond), Teffra (Georgetown) Win 2023 Collegiate Road Mile National Championships


Record Number of Entries for the 2023 Loudoun Street Mile and Collegiate Road Mile National Championships in Winchester, VA




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May 29, 2023 – Winchester, Virginia – The Collegiate Running Association (CRA) and the Shenandoah Valley Runners welcomed a record number of entries for the highly anticipated 2023 Collegiate Road Mile National Championship, held in conjunction with the 36th annual Loudoun Street Mile. Taking place in Winchester, Virginia on Memorial Day, May 29, this esteemed event showcased extraordinary talent from collegiate athletes across the nation.


The event attracted a record-breaking 517 runners of all ages, who eagerly tackled the picturesque streets of Old Town Winchester in pursuit of personal bests. The point-to-point race course provided an excellent opportunity for participants to challenge themselves at the Mile distance, further enhanced by the favorable race day temperature of 60 degrees.


A total prize purse of $5,100 was awarded, with $1,700 specifically allocated for the top three collegians. Equal distribution of prize money between male and female participants allowed collegians to 'double-dip' by also being eligible for open prize money. The top five male and female collegiate finishers were honored with JAMBAR, the official energy bar of the association, recognizing their exceptional performances.


In the women's 1-mile race, a fiercely competitive field emerged, with Madison Trippett (University of Richmond), Bethany Graham (Furman), Anne Akagi (Charleston Southern), Samantha Nadel (George Washington University) leading the pack at the 400-meter mark, passing it in approximately 68 seconds. Noteworthy open runners, including former course record holder Susanna Sullivan, Lauren Berman, Zoe Matherne, and Elizabeth Chikotas, were also in close contention.


As the race progressed, Susanna Sullivan pushed the pace at the 800-meter mark, clocking a time of 2:21.3. Madison Trippett (University of Richmond), Bethany Graham (Furman), Anne Akagi (Charleston Southern), and Samantha Nadel (George Washington University) remained at the forefront of the race, maintaining a thrilling battle.


At the 1200-meter mark, the excitement continued to build, with Sullivan, Berman, Trippett (Richmond), Graham (Furman), Chikotas, and Samantha Nadel (George Washington University) maintaining contact. The athletes passed the 1200-meter mark in 3 minutes and 33.3 seconds, setting the stage for a thrilling finish.


In an extraordinary women's race, Trippett unleased an impressive kick of the final 150M to emerged victorious with a time of 4:42.5 to claim $1,250 for winning the Collegiate Championship and open races. She was closely followed by Berman in 4:43.5. Sullivan, who ran 2:24:27 in April’s London Marathon, secured third place with a time of 4:44.2, Chikotas finished fourth in 4:44.9, and Furman All-American, Bethany Graham claimed fifth place (2nd Collegiate Championships) in 4:48.7.  Samantha Nadel (George Washing University) and Ryen Frazier (NC State) placed 3rd and 4th among collegians showcasing the talent in the field.


The men's race witnessed an equally impressive display, with Abel Teffra (Georgetown University) taking an early lead and passing the 400-meter mark in 58.4 seconds. Close behind were teammates Theo Woods and Jantz Tostenson from Georgetown University, along with notable contenders Brandon McGorty (Arizona State University), Shannon Dooley, Johan Fagerberg, Jordan Bendura (University of Richmond), James Heilman (McDaniel), Daniel Anderson, and Joe LoRusso, all clocking under 61.0 seconds at the 400-meter mark.


At the 800-meter mark, the leaders maintained a swift pace over the uphill portion of the race passing midway in 2:04.4. Abel Teffra (Georgetown University), Theo Woods (Georgetown University), Johan Fagerberg, James Heilman (McDaniel), Brandon McGorty (Arizona State University), Jordan Bendura (University of Richmond), and Daniel Anderson formed a formidable pack, as they all looked to secure victory.


As the race progressed to the 1200-meter mark, Teffra, Woods, Fagerberg, and McGorty remained locked in a thrilling battle, clocking a time of 3:07.4.


In a gripping finish, Teffra surged ahead of Woods to claim victory in the Collegiate Road Mile National Championships and the open division of the Loudoun Street Mile, crossing the finish line in an impressive time of 4:04.9 to claim $1,250 for winning the Collegiate Championships and open races. Woods secured second place with a time of 4:06.6 and was the second collegian to win $650, while Sweden’s, Johan Fagerberg finished third in 4:08.3. McGorty placed fourth overall and third collegian with a time of 4:14.4, and Tostenson took fifth place in 4:15.8, further solidifying the depth of the top finishers.


The 2023 Collegiate Road Mile National Championships and the Loudoun Street Mile once again proved to be a remarkable event, with record-breaking participation and exceptional performances from collegiate athletes across the nation. The Collegiate Running Association and the Shenandoah Valley Runners extend their congratulations to all the participants and express gratitude to the community for their welcoming support.


For more information about the event and future updates, please visit the official website of the Collegiate Running Association at [Insert website link].

"We believe in the power of running to transform lives, and that's why we founded the Collegiate Running Association. Our goal is to promote the sport and provide college students, no matter their age or academic pursuits, with the chance to embrace a healthy lifestyle and compete for national titles in Road, Mountain, and Trail running," stated Steve Taylor, Co-Founder of the Collegiate Running Association. "Our events, like this one, offer runners of all backgrounds the opportunity to chase their personal best in the mile, even if it was set back in high school. It's an exciting event and you truly need to be here to fully appreciate the joy and excitement it brings to the athletes and the community."

"This is our fifth year partnering with the Loudoun Street Mile for the Collegiate Road Mile Championship, and each edition has been truly exceptional," expressed Jon Molz, Co-Founder of the Collegiate Running Association. "We want to commend Mark Stickley and his dedicated event staff for their amazing work in making this event a memorable experience for all participants. The support from the Winchester community has been outstanding. It's been inspiring to witness the growth of the race, with faster and more competitive fields each year. In fact, this year's event set a new record for the highest number of entries in the 36-year history of the Loudoun Street Mile. It's a testament to the passion and dedication of all involved."

Proceeds from the race benefit The Laurel Center in Winchester, which helps victims of domestic and sexual violence. The LSM raised several thousand dollars for The Laurel Center.

Look for details on the 2024 Collegiate Road Mile National Championships to be announced in the coming weeks.

All-Time Top Performance List



VIDEO | Women's 2023 Collegiate Road Mile Championship Finish

VIDEO | Men's 2023 Collegiate Road Mile Championship Finish


Teffra and Trippett Win National Titles 

Top Collegians Ready for 2023 Road Mile National Championships

Loudoun Street Mile to Host 2022 and 2023 Collegiate Road Mile Championships

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