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Support of the Collegiate Running Association is comes from all areas of the running community


Nancy Hobbs

Founder and Executive Director

American Trail Running Association


"We at ATRA are thrilled to see the development of the Collegiate Running Association. By including all disciplines within running, especially speaking to trail and mountain running which are the areas we promote at ATRA, the opportunities are nearly limitless for athletes at the elite as well as social participation levels. The organization will provide much-needed support to the collegiate runner, not only for national competitions, but also as a springboard for collegiate athletes to participate in international competitions."


Richard Bolt

Team Leader

US Mountain Running


"The US Mountain Running Team is very excited to see the launch of the new Collegiate Running Association. Now in its 10 year, our junior program relies heavily on coordinating with college coaches to find elite young runners to compete in the World Mountain Running Championships. With its support of mountain and trail running we look forward to working closely with the Collegiate Running Association to bring even more competition opportunities to young runners looking to test their mettle at the international level."


Kevin Hanson

Hanson-Brooks Distance Project


"We are excited that the Collegiate Running Association is filling a void and creating opportunities that will financially allow more student athletes a chance to continue in the sport."


Greg McMillan

McMillan Running Company


"The US loses too many talented collegiate runners who, given a few more years in the sport, could become national and world-class runners. New opportunities like the the Collegiate Running Association will keep athletes in the sport, provide new and exciting competitive opportunities and further our collective goal of developing the next generation of world beaters."


Chris Seaton

Assistant Track & Field / Cross Country Coach

North Carolina State University (NCAA DI)


“The formation of the Collegiate Running Association is a great step forward in expanding the competitive sport of running at the collegiate level. Between providing opportunities in branches of the sport not currently covered by the NCAA and opening up participation to all students enrolled in college, the base of the sport is broadened while also providing competitive events.”


Rich Davis

Men's Cross Country Coach

University of Dayton (NCAA DI - Cross Country only program)


“The Collegiate Running Association provides the 'Championship Experience' needed for the year-around development of student-athletes who compete in 'Cross Country Only' programs. By helping to fill the void that exists in the spring semester, the Collegiate Running Association helps to 'level the playing field' by enhancing a distance runner's year with the scheduling of robust competition."


Mike Cox

Head Track & Field / Cross Country Coach

Concord College (NCAA DII)


“I think this is long over-due for our sport. The Collegiate Running Association gives so many athletes an opportunity to compete at a very high level on a great stage. The extremely diverse mixture of athletes this would give opportunities to is very exciting.”


Russell Smelley

Head Track & Field / Cross Country Coach

Westmont College (NAIA)

NAIA Cross Country Hall of Fame (1999)


“The Collegiate Running Association is tapping into a wellspring of collegiate age runners who enjoy running but do not have the time to invest in varsity athletics or are not accomplished enough to participate. The College Running Association provides an outlet for the competitive nature of this segment of the national student body. This is a creative generation of students and this type of athletic training and competition will be appealing as it goes outside the collegiate athletics box.”


Andrew Benford

Professional Distance Runner and Team USA member (2006, 2009, 2011)

Rogue Athletic Club / Adidas

13th place at 2009 World Mountain Running Championships 


“As a runner with a background in track, road, and mountain/trail racing, I am very excited to learn about the development of the Collegiate Running Association. Distance running needs more out-of-the box thinking like this to reward young, dedicated athletes, who not only have limited means to support themselves, but who are also in the process of continuing their education."


Maura Smith

Assistant Director of Athletics (Compliance)

University of Richmond 


“The Collegiate Running Association is innovative and forward-thinking. By capitalizing on the modified Division I amateurism regulations, the Association could provide tremendous opportunities for students interested in alternative running events.”






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