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Collegiate Running Association


FOR RELEASE: March 7, 2018

Collegiate Running Association Becomes First Hosted Organization Partner with AthleteBiz

Richmond, VA ----- The Collegiate Running Association announces a new partnership with AthleteBiz, the most innovative platform available in the sport for letting you take fan engagement to a whole new level. The first hosted organization partnership for AthleteBiz, the collaboration will continue to increase exposure and awareness for road, mountain and trail running, especially among college students while providing an avenue for interaction and support by fans.

“This is a tremendous partnership for the Collegiate Running Association, our membership and supporters”, said Co-Founder Steve Taylor. “AthleteBiz continues to leave its impressionable footprint on the sport through its ongoing support of elite level athletes.  Their vision and leadership in the running community, has led to exponential growth in the number of athletes impacted through their mission. We feel this partnership is an obvious win for our organization, our membership, and the groups we serve.”

“We share a mutual interest in expanding opportunities for the sport of running, with our efforts more focused toward college students and the rising stars of tomorrow. Our national championship events are the first in history to offer prize money specifically reserved for college students and as we expand opportunities we believe this partnership will impact even more athletes.” 

AthletesBiz, through a compelling platform, facilitates the connect of companies, fitness enthusiasts, parents, and youth to the inspiring stories and fitness insights of the extraordinary young men and women who have dedicated themselves to a quest to push the limits of human performance. “We are excited for this connection with Collegiate Running Association, as we both value the importance of backing the next generation of champions,” says Aaron Cattell of AthleteBiz. “Supporting the efforts of the Collegiate Running Association aligns with our mission and we look forward to where this partnership will lead each of our organizations.”

Through the partnership with AthleteBiz, fans can connect with Collegiate Running Association though engagements with their leadership team and athletes, in addition to supporting their goals by shopping at their on-site store for running gear and more.

Since 2014 over 11,000 college students attending schools in the U.S. have participated in Collegiate Running Association national championship events. During the same time frame seventeen Collegiate Running Association members have qualified for 53 U.S. National Teams and over $80,000 in prize money and travel has been awarded to college students. 

About the Collegiate Running Association (CRA)

The Collegiate Running Association is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded November, 2013 to promote healthy lifestyles among college students by providing and expanding opportunities in the sport of running. The CRA is the only organization to offer collegiate national championship events in road, mountain and trail running with prize money reserved for all college students. For more information, visit


About AthleteBiz (AB)

AthleteBiz is a nonprofit platform that helps people and businesses find, follow, hire and support world-class track and field athletes. The organization aims to inspire fans and empower the world’s best track and field athletes as they pursue their Olympic dreams. From All-Americans to Olympians, athletes join the platform to engage with fans, tells their story, and diversify their income. For more information, visit






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