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Collegiate Running Association


Terry Chiplin, Active at Altitude


 FOR RELEASE: April 21, 2018           


Collegiate Running Association Announces Partnership with activacuity®


Subscription options for CRA members and supporters will help deliver association mission


(Richmond, VA) -- The Collegiate Running Association announced today a partnership with activacuity®, the first guided imagery app for athletes.


The activacuity App provides daily audio sessions of 10-15 minutes in duration, using guided imagery and positive psychology. Guided imagery has been used with great effect by elite athletes for decades, traditionally delivered by sports psychologists in a clinical setting. activacuity contains the same science based tools and techniques that sports psychologists deliver, making them accessible for athletes of all abilities in a form that is user friendly.


Guided imagery is a gentle, yet powerful technique that focuses and directs the imagination, and is recognized as one of the most powerful tools in an athlete’s mental skills toolkit. Each session is designed to empower the listener to use their own imagination to create a detailed, complete experience or response to help them achieve a specific goal.


Terry Chiplin, the visionary behind activacuity and owner of Active at Altitude, says: “Your mind is one of your greatest assets, and yet it is also one that very few athletes pay much attention to. Mental training is at least as important as physical training, with top coaches and athletes agreeing should be part of a daily training regimen for all athletes, regardless of pace level or ability. The daily sessions contained in activacuity provide a mechanism to train the mind, develop new neural pathways with a positive focus, that results in enhanced focus, confidence and performance for all athletes, as well as daily life. activacuity brings an affordable positive support system that complements physical training for all athletes regardless of ability. We have been seeing excellent results using the app, from all levels of athletes from elites to recreational status. We are very excited to partner with the Collegiate Running Association and bring activacuity to a wider athletic audience.”


“This app is the future in mental training and brings those guided imagery techniques conveniently to your fingertips when it best fits your time schedule” said Collegiate Running Association co-founder Steve Taylor. “As an athlete we believe it’s important to train your mind, as you do your body. Regardless of whether you are training for participation purposes or elite level competition, activacuity will help you become an even better you. Through our partnership with activacuity our supporters and membership will be able to subscribe to this service at a discounted rate, while helping support the 501(c)(3) mission of the CRA.”   


At launch, activacuity is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and is available on the App Store. There are seven free daily sessions that introduce users to guided imagery; paid subscription options are available for both monthly and yearly users that gives access to a comprehensive library of daily sessions. Contact for details. For details on this exciting new app visit or email Visit activeacuity-CollegiateRunningAssociation for your discount code.


What you put in your mouth shapes your hips. What you put in your mind shapes you.

About the Collegiate Running Association (CRA)  

The Collegiate Running Association is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded November, 2013 to promote healthy lifestyles among college students by providing and expanding opportunities in the sport of running. The CRA is the only organization to offer collegiate national championship events in road, mountain and trail running with prize money reserved for all college students. For more information, visit

About activacuity 

activacuity is an iOS app that provides a positive mental training program for athletes of all abilities. User friendly positive guided imagery audio sessions within activacuity provide tools and techniques to train the mind, helping the listener to develop new neural pathways with a positive focus, resulting in enhanced focus, confidence, experience and performance for all athletes. activacuity is a division of Active at Altitude, who create experiences that educate, inspire, and empower an active, healthy, mindful lifestyle, and are based in Estes Park, Colorado. Follow activacuity on InstagramFacebook and Twitter. For more information, visit







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